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How to Choose the Best Kitesurf Board For You

If you’re new to kitesurfing, then finding what will be the best kind of kitesurf board for you is a priority. The answer depends on several factors. Read over these and then head to our online store to see what awesome boards are available for your buying pleasure! 

What kitesurf board fits you best?

Height and weight are a key influence in deciding on the best model for you. The lighter and smaller your body, the shorter the length of the board. The taller and heavier your body, the longer its length. Here at Kitesurf Warehouse we have all sizes, so we’re sure to have the perfect fit for you! Touch base with us about your dimensions and we will come back to you with tailored recommendations.

What kitesurf board is overall perfect for you?

If your style is to keep things cruisy, not getting huge amounts of air, and staying comfortable, then go for the bigger size model in your spectrum. If however, your goal is to really carve things up, get plenty of air, and develop your tricks (terminology - would be good to use words here), then opt for something on the shorter end of your spectrum.

What board is best for which wind conditions? 

If you are a mad-keen kiter like us, then chances are you want a different type to cater for different kiting situations. If you’re new to the sport however, then cost-wise you’re best to decide where you will be spending the majority of your time kiting, what the conditions there are like on average, and then find something that caters to these.

The lighter the wind, the larger the size of board you should select as this bigger size will help keep you upright when the wind might not be strong enough all on its own. The stronger the wind, the smaller the size model, as this will help you maintain control over the board in choppier, more challenging conditions.

Just remember that a smaller option in theory requires more skill and experience to handle, so if you’re new to this and you decide on a smaller kit, be prepared to put in a little more time to master it (you will be rewarded for your efforts!).

Above all, just give the team here at Kitesurf Warehouse a call to discuss your kiteboarding needs. We will definitely have the right kitesurf board for you!

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