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Kitesurfing Kite Shapes Explained

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Welcome to this article, which we hope will explain the key essentials you need to know about the different types of kitesurfing kites available. In short, you have four options:

  • C kites
  • Bow kites 
  • Hybrid kites 
  • Delta kites 

So - let's find out a bit more about each of them. 


“C” kites

No surprises this derives its name from its shape. The C-kite is the original type of kitesurfing kite, and back in the day was the only option of kite available. Its legacy can be found in the original depowerable, inflatable kites. These days the C-kite has evolved and is more prolific among advanced kitesurfers. A C-kite attaches to the four square corners of the kite, so if you were to lie it flat on the ground it’d go from looking like a C to instead looking like a rectangle. There is no bridle of any form on a C-kite, therefore no swept-back wingtips.

Bow kites

Bow kites came onto the market around 2005/2006. They feature more complex bridles that give the kite a distinctive swept-back wingtips and more superior depowering than the C-kite. The bow kite, surprise surprise, looks more like a bow when laid on land. It is considered safer and easier to use than a C-kite. But as with life, there’s always cons for pros - the bow kite doesn’t deliver as much direct feel as you’ll find with a C-kite.


Hybrid kites

It’s no surprise that the hybrid is, as the name suggests, a merger of the C-kite and the bow kite to deliver the best of both worlds. Hybrid kites feature a bridled leading edge and swept back wing tips. The hybrid kite is now by far the most popular kitesurfing kite on the market and indeed most manufacturers have moved away from producing pure C-kite or pure bow kites.

Delta kites

This is an off-shoot of the hybrid kite, and is generally a short and fat shape. The Delta gets its name (again no surprises) from fighter jets and their delta wing configuration. This kite therefore has a very high angle of sweep from the leading edge to the trailing edge.

We hope this has been useful in explaining to you the different types of kitesurfing kites on the market! Now you know where to go to get the best possible deals on the market...! 


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