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Why Buy Kitesurfing Gear Online?

Welcome to Kitesurf Warehouse, a site we're sure will convince you why it's best to buy your kitesurfing gear online. There are several reasons we believe a virtual shop is the way to go for finding the best prices available, not to mention all the convenience.

Save money 

When you buy from a website, you're purchasing from a business that doesn't have the same overheads as a brick and mortar store. If that business has integrity, then they're going to pass the savings onto you. This is exactly what we do. It's a combination of low overheads coupled with great, long-term relationships that means we can offer the truly lowest costs available. RRP is something you see very rarely on our site - we're all about Sale! Sale! Sale! 

Save time and hassle 

There's no need to find parking near our store, nor is there a need to wait for doors to open. We're here 24/7 so you can shop whenever is best convenient to you. Unless we've made a mistake (we're only human!) then we strive to only list products that we actually have on the shelf here in our warehouse, or can drop ship immediately. This means that if you place an order, 9 times out of 10, it comes straight from us to you. There's no delay in waiting for a distributor to ship it to us, and then from us to you. 

Fast delivery 

In keeping with the time saving theme, we're white-hot when it comes to fast deliveries. We always aim to dispatch at the very latest one day after an order is placed online. More often than not, as so many of our customer testimonials state, we get orders out super fast. They're often at your doorstep the day after you've clicked 'buy now'. We use reliable couriers as well as Royal Mail, depending on the urgency and nature of the delivery. 

Secure payments 

Our Shopify platform comes with all the appropriate security layers so that you have total peace of mind. We don't store any information when it comes to credit cards, and you can find out more on our privacy policy. We also offer PayPal. 

Refunds available 

We completely understand that you might need to refund. Perhaps the size isn't right, the product isn't quite the colour you're after. We have a generous refunds policy available. 

Huge range of products 

We might be online, but that doesn't stop us from buying a huge volume of collections and products from some of the top kitesurfing brands on the planet. Every year we place bulk advanced orders with key distributors, and we get multiple variants of everything. This enables us to offer you a truly huge range of specialist kitesurfing gear and equipment. 

We've been selling online since 2004

Yes, we are nearly as old as the rolling hills ;) We launched in 2004, which is almost prehistoric in tech years. But with age comes wisdom, experience and a proven track record that keeps our customers coming back. And besides, we started when we were teenagers, so we're still in our prime years now (OK, we might be exaggerating there!). 

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