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Kitesurf Packages

Scroll below to find our complete offer on Kiteboarding Packages designed to get you on the water as fast, and as low cost as possible. 


Each kiteboarding package includes:


Packages vary in terms of model and cost, but each one contains:

  • One kite 

  • One board 

  • One control bar 

  • One kite pump 

Cheap kiteboarding packages


We were quite possibly the first online retailer that came up with the concept of complete kiteboarding packages. We did this because we wanted to make the sport as affordable as possible to as many as possible. Bundling up four of the most crucial pieces of kitesurfing equipment is going to give you the best possible deal you can find. 

If in the very unlikely event you see any competitor bundles for less, give us a call and we will beat it. 


CrazyFly 2020 Sculp plus Allround Package

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